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His work is articulate around the actuality and this is with a journalist process that he does a big work of investigation (in the media and in the concerned places) that precedes the realisation of his art pieces.
He works with FARC in Colombia, in the Pakistani Tribal area, in Afghanistan, in Iraq, in Amazonia, in Syria…

Louis Marin tells us of the trap that is “even more effective when it doesn’t seem to be one” or that “functions marvelously if it remains unmentioned.”  These remarks are confirmed by the raptures that are woven throughout Emeric Lhuisset’s work. 
The pieces issued of this projects catches the eyes; they are compose to give an immediate artistic beauty. Thus, it is necessary to search, to unearth the piece, to read the organization, the rhythms, and the compositions that make up these photographs, beyond their themes, their intensity, and their authenticity.
The seduction has a price: pictures charm, but in order to better challenge the viewer, take one on an adventure and a reflection of one’s place and role. These pieces invite the viewer to become a part of life and not remain an outsider. Emeric Lhuisset’s work is truly different from the flow of cold and obscene pictures that the media bombards us with daily.

Jean-Baptiste Chantoiseau


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Documentary (7"23) produced by Arte TV - 2015.